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My Philosophy

Your home should represent the person you are. Your personal space should make you feel at ease when you walk in and is inviting to others. It's important to learn what your sense of style is, so that you can begin to decorate your home with items that work for you and your lifestyle. We tend to hold on to things that are given to us, maybe we found a great deal on something or even spent a lot of money for an item, but now it doesn't fit our style. It's not easy letting go, so let me help you get there or even work with your specials items to fit the look you're going for. Letting go starts with these questions; Does it make you happy? Does it fit in your design style now? and most importantly, does it function in your space? As a professional my job is to get you in that mind set and help you either let go or make the item work in your room. Not only do I have the love for cleaning and organizing, but I also enjoy decorating homes. There's nothing like having everything ALL IN ORDER!

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